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Te Rito: Restoration of Whanau, not to be confused with Te Rito Maioha Early Childhood or Te Rito Wellington Family Violence Network, is a whanau oriented initiative collaborative established to address matters of unfair, bias and prejudicial treatment experienced by a largely marginal, discriminated and dis-advantaged group of parents affected by Child, Youth and Family Services, and the family court processes.


It's Te Rito:Restoration of Whanau aim to provide a specialist approach to the advocacy, support, research,& educational development opportunities by way of the hui forum as we know hui to be, and to enable and support sustainable behavioural and circumstantial changes of benefit to its parents through collaborative discussions with key members and relationships with the Ministry of Social Development on a more equitable, balanced and fair understanding.


Te Rito:Restoration of Whanau acknowledges the heightened increase in domestic violence and family violence that has only become alarmingly worse in nearly 15 years since the original Te Rito: New Zealand Family Violence Prevention Strategy by the Ministry of Social Development in 2002.


My claim is that you can not implement a strategy that is derived of a culture when in effect the culture, here being families and whanau, are incessantly being destroyed by irresponsible judicial process, incoherent social work practices and procedures and the systemic abuse of interconnected agencies and associations that contribute to the destruction, dysfunction and devastating state of abuse and affairs of families, parents and children.


Ta (Sir) James Henare in 1988 stated "ko te reo te mauri o te mana Maori" meaning, that the language of the Maori is of its own life essence of itself that by authority gives life to the Maori. Our language and use of it is not to be taken lightly nor used to deny for whom in fact it is for, nor they be denied it.


Te Rito:Restoration of Whanau therefore is as it stipulates and states itself to be - for Maori, for whanau, for families, to restore the sustainable fibres of the whanau family unit through responsible processes and comprehensible meaning facilitation to make this happen. This is Te Rito:Restoration of Whanau's purpose.



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